How to Choose the Best Name for your Startup

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Selecting the best name for the business or a startup proves to be a tiresome, tedious and a very laborious task. It can often become very boring and dull. But it’s all in the name. The name is the most significant and far-reaching aspect in any venture.
It should be creative, relevant and eye-catching. It should reflect the whole idea and concept.
My experience for coming out with names was one hell of a task for me. So
exhausting and exasperating at times.
So, here I am sharing you the list to help you to choose the best name for your startup.

Step 1- Listing all the keywords related to the Business:List all the words that are relevant to your idea. As it is this name that will ultimately reflect your domain. List everything that comes up in your head initially. Then, start by refining them a bit.

For example when coming up with an idea of a search engine the keyword could be- search, free information, startup, question, answer, help, study, inquiry, etc.

Step 2- Look up for synonyms: Now, once you have some words in hand, try looking for their synonyms. Referring to thesaurus for that matter proves to be a great idea at times.

Step 3- Look for foreign words: Since, the name should be creative and eye-catching, adding some foreign words to it could help. You could try searching its synonyms in different languages like French, Spanish, German, etc. This along with making them creative and distinctive also helps in making them stand apart from the ordinary. And of course who doesn’t like to flaunt an alien language name that’s far away from the usual monotonous ones? You can use Google translate to find the best word.

Step 4- Join two words: Sometimes the approach of joining two words helps in emerging with a new and yet captivating word or name. For reference, consider the name Facebook, I know it’s encompassed all over the world nowadays. Yet who could even come out with that kind of a name? It’s simply made up of two very elementary words, face and book.

Step 5- Adding a suffix or a prefix: Coming out with a word is not an easy task. So, sometimes adding a simple prefix or suffix to it could just be right for you. Try adding it to make your name more concept oriented and in order to eliminate any chances of deviation from idea for that matter.
For example, the website “Feedly”, it just adds an elementary suffix –ly to its keyword and emerges with a new and straightforward name.

Step 6- Editing the word: Many a times, even editing the word or phrase could help you with spurting out with new and perfect names. Here the reference of the popular site “Tumblr” could be thought of. Many people in the first view usually come up with the wrong spelling of the word tumblr. They refer to it as tumbler and not tumblr. So sometimes even editing the word helps.

Step 7- Be ingenious and creative and not just conventional: An important aspect for creativity is not being afraid to fail. Creativity is simply inventing, experimenting, taking risks, growing, breaking the usual beliefs, making mistakes but in the end having fun and finally succeeding. So what, if success didn’t knock you in the first go? Wait for it. It has its own sweet taste when waited for longer. Look at the very familiar site “Quora”; it is very creative and peculiar in the way its name is kept. Just like the motive of the site wiz questions and answers its name is kept. Quora –questions or answers and Founch – found + search

Step 8- Domain suggestion tools: If you have tried all this and still are unsatisfied with the names you made and want a perfect name by hook or by crook. Then you can simply go by with a shortcut by using domain name suggestion tools like Company name generatorHipster BusinessName Mesh

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