How To ‘Keep Up’ During A Twitter Chat

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If you don’t know by now I am the host of #WexfordHour which takes place every Tuesday at 9pm. Almost every week I see the same tweets from particpants stating how difficult it is to keep up with the fast pace of the Hour. People sometimes miss tweets that could result in a new follower or even a potential new customer.


Here are some tips to help:


  1. Set atwit2 reminder

There are so many chat/hours out there to participate in and each has its merits. Do your research and choose a few a week that you think would benefit your business. Mix and match which hours you join in from one to the next rather than tweeting the same info each week to the same people and suffering from Ground Hog Day. Use your Google Calendar, create an event for the chat you want to use and set a reminder so that you can get a text message an hour before the event.


  1. Introduce Yourself

twit3People ask me ‘How do I start?’ Well it’s simple. Just start by saying ‘Hi’. Introduce yourself! Tell the others what you do and what kind of clients you are looking for. Tell them about any updates you may have. If you’re up for an award share the news! Most importantly give them the link to your website or blog.


  1. Schedule Some Tweets

Now I know some people are against this however I find that if you schedule a few tweets it’s give you more freedom to interact with the other participants. If you know the hashtag that’s being used then, using TweetDeck you can schedule some of your typical sales tweets for during the hour. Interaction is extremely important to give your account more of a personal feel. Only tweeting sales tweets however will eventually bore your followers and your account will be seen as ‘spammy’.


  1.  Open Two Tabs

As mentioned above there is software out there that helps utilise these chats such as Tweetdeck however if you are not at a stage where you are comfortable using these software tools you can always just open two tabs on your Internet Browser. Open Twitter twice with your notifications displaying on one tab and the chat search displayed on the other. What’s the chat search? Placing a hashtag symbol # before any word automically creates a hyperlink. By clicking on this link you will see a long list of tweets that others are posting using the same hashtag. You can also find this list by searching for th hashtag. Be sure to click on All Tweets to see everthing rather than just the Top Tweets. Use this list to start organic conversations and interact with the other tweeters on the chat. Keeping your notifications open on the other tab will make sure you don’t miss any tweets sent directly to you. Sometimes people reply directly, using the @ handle and forget to include the hashtag. Refreshing both pages will help you to not miss essential contacts. Be sure you place the hashtag in every tweet too, even in replies.


  1. Follow & Follow Up

twit4Follow the tweeters on the chat and ask them to follow you back. There’s no shame in that! It’s what you’re all there for. To network and make new connections. Also, it’s OK to miss a few tweets. But always come back when you do have time and go through your notifications and reply to any you missed.



  1. Keep an Eye on the Host

The host of the chat, for example @WexfordHour will generaly be on top of things and will keep the conversations going. They can sometimes pick up on tweets that you might have missed. Keeping an eye on what they’re tweeting will help you stay on top of things.

If you have any questions about how to utilise these chats for your business feel free to reach out and email me on


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